How to vote for Andrea

If you live in the riding of Vancouver-Little Mountain and are a member of the BC NDP, you are eligible to vote in the BC NDP Candidate Nomination for Vancouver-Little Mountain!

The Nomination Meeting will be taking place in person on April 4, at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. 

Thursday, April 4
Ukrainian Orthodox Church
154 E 10th Ave, Vancouver

  • Registration will be open between 4:30 and 6:30pm*
  • Speeches will begin at 6:30pm
  • Voting will start at 7pm

* IMPORTANT: You must register before 6:30pm in order to vote!

An Advanced Voting opportunity will be taking place on Saturday, March 30 for anyone unable to attend the meeting. Drop in between 2pm and 6pm at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 154 E 10th Ave, with proof of address to cast a ballot.

  • To vote, you must:

    • Be on the membership list
    • Provide identification* that confirms your:
      • Name
      • Current home address
      • Includes your signature

    *Acceptable ID shall include all documents deemed acceptable by Elections BC as ID for the purpose of voting in a general election. Photo identification will not be required.