I’m honoured to have the support of such a diverse, inspiring range of progressive leaders and fellow New Democrats.

Here’s what people are saying:

Andrea Reimer has a strong record as an environmentalist, an affordable housing advocate and much more. I have worked with Andrea and watched her work with others. As an active New Democrat she has campaigned with us in every one of my elections. I know she has what it takes - creativity, compassion and intelligence - to give our neighbours strong representation and our province strong leadership.
I have known Andrea and worked with her in our community over many years. From her work as a school board trustee, to City Council – Andrea is a passionate voice for equity, climate change mitigation, reconciliation, and social justice. She is principled, inclusive and an effective bridge builder. She is also a leading voice in policy innovation through her work with UBC, SFU, Translink and beyond. It gives me great pleasure to endorse Andrea Reimer as our BC NDP candidate for Vancouver-Little Mountain.
ROSALIND KELLET, BC NDP member since 1975, Vancouver – Little Mountain resident
Andrea Reimer will be a great NDP candidate for Little Mountain. She is a very hard working activist with lived experience transforming pressing issues such as affordable housing, indigenous rights and gender issues into government policy. She is a leader in environment issues using her time on City Council to create the Greenest City Strategy. 
VOTE Andrea REIMER to get things done. 
Ellen Woodsworth, Co President WILPF Canada, Speaker and intersectional consultant on cities, 2SLGTBQIA +  leader, Matriarch Women Transforming Cities International Society, Former Vancouver City Councillor
I am delighted to extend my full support to Andrea Reimer in her bid to become an MLA with the BC NDP. Andrea's unwavering dedication to various pressing issues, from climate action to social justice, makes her the ideal candidate to represent Vancouver – Little Mountain. Her proven track record of effective leadership ensures she will be a formidable advocate for our community's needs.
Mauricio Lozano, Owner, Faculty Brewing in Vancouver-Little Mountain
Andrea is a passionate advocate for economic inclusion, supporting community activists in their quest for fair housing development, climate change mitigation, and reconciliation. She can be counted on to represent us with intelligence, honesty, compassion and integrity. With Andrea, what you see is what you get.
Ethel Whitty, Former Director, Carnegie Community Centre and Former Director, Homelessness Services, City of Vancouver.
Andrea understands that access to quality licensed $10aDay child care is a top issue for families with young children in Vancouver. Andrea made strong policy recommendations for child care while on Vancouver City Council and I’m confident that as an MLA she will prioritize the child care system BC needs.
Sharon Gregson, $10aDay Child Care Advocate
As a small business owner in the Vancouver - Little Mountain riding, I want a proven leader representing our community in the Province's capital. Andrea Reimer's track record of governing speaks for itself. She has shown the ability to consider multiple perspectives and make the best decisions for her constituents. Her work to drive the Open Data Initiative at the City of Vancouver reflects a commitment to public transparency, and to the entrepreneurial opportunities that flow from access to public data. Andrea’s innovative approaches to fostering a vibrant, diverse community while addressing pressing environmental concerns set her apart as the leader we truly need. 
Denise Taschereau, Co-Founder & CEO, Fairware, Vancouver – Little Mountain B-Corp
Andrea has built enormous trust locally since she first started to reshape Vancouver in terms of our urban food systems and sustainability initiatives, and deepened that impact leading  Vancouver in its trust and reconciliation work. I’m excited to support her as my MLA in Vancouver - Little Mountain.
Andrea Curtis, Co-Founder, Vancouver Mural Fest; BC NDP Member; Resident, Vancouver-Little Mountain
I’m excited to support Andrea for the nomination in Vancouver - Little Mountain. I’ve hoped to see Andrea enter provincial politics for years. She will bring her strong community leadership and her passionate advocacy for the services people need at this critical time. She would be an incredible MLA.
Nikki Hill, Former Director of Organization, BC NDP, Former Vancouver Fairview Executive member
I am so thrilled to stand and shout out my support for Andrea Reimer in her bid for MLA! I have seen firsthand as Andrea pressed and intervened for the delivery of affordable housing. She has always been a strong champion and stood up for affordable housing options and supports, especially for people that can't afford to live in market housing. This is so important for making sure people can continue to call Vancouver home. Andrea has always voted with her values –– We need her voice back in government!
Jim O'Dea, Affordable Housing Expert
I am excited and proud to be supporting Andrea Reimer to be our next MLA for Vancouver-Little Mountain. I have encountered Andrea in so many places in our community over the years, especially as a very engaged and long-term City Councillor, in her work in the environmental movement and in the important ways she has fought for women's rights, childcare expansion and gender equity.
Vicki Robinson, BC NDP Honorary Life Member
Andrea is a transformative leader. Principled, visionary, and not afraid to fight for what's right. Whether it's fighting for a living wage or supporting newcomers, si Andrea ay para sa komunidad at para sa lahat. tagalog translation: … Andrea is for the community and for all of us.
Catalina Samson, BC NDP member, Vancouver-Little Mountain resident
Andrea is a proven political and community leader and a strategic thinker.  She also has a strong capacity to listen to a diverse range of communities and will work alongside and for them. She is confident and capable, and a relationship builder who can make difficult decisions and take action that reflects community needs. I am confident that Andrea will provide a strong voice for everyone, including for Indigenous and other equity seeking communities that she is part of, both within the riding and across BC.
Mary Clare Zak, Community Advocate, Vancouver - Little Mountain resident
Andrea Reimer is an organizer and a leader committed to building with community. As a lifelong volunteer, involved in many issues and neighbourhoods like Chinatown, I have witnessed firsthand the power of community organizing in ensuring that our communities remain safe, affordable and inclusive across generations. It is an honour for me to endorse Andrea Reimer as our next BC NDP candidate for Vancouver-Little Mountain.
Fred Mah, Chinatown Society Heritage Building Association, resident, Vancouver–Little Mountain
Andrea Reimer is a positive force for change, who embodies the progressive values and dedication needed to advance a strong community voice. Her track record of effective leadership, coupled with her unwavering commitment to reconciliation, social justice, and sustainability, make her the ideal choice for the Vancouver Little-Mountain NDP candidacy.
GINGER GOSNELL-MYERS, Indigenous Urban Planner & Decolonial Strategist
Andrea Reimer is a powerful force for transformative change that strengthens communities. I have seen her deep commitment to representation, bold climate action, and her creativity in addressing the tough issues facing our communities. Whether it’s affordable housing, urban mobility, clean energy, reconciliation, child care, or strengthening the local economy –– Andrea’s integrity and hard work delivers results. She will be a great MLA for the people of Vancouver – Little Mountain and a real asset to the BC NDP team!
OPREET KANG, BC NDP Member, Vancity Board Member, Vice Chair, Fraser Health Authority
I have had the honor of observing Andrea's unwavering commitment to her community for more than 12 years, and I am consistently impressed by her principled and astute approach. In addition to being a skilled problem solver, she is a compassionate and highly motivated individual which made her an Auntie perfect for our Wisdom Circle at Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week. It is without hesitation that I endorse her candidacy.
Andrea is both the leader we need and deserve. Her track record on climate change, reconciliation and open government is what we need with the big challenges our society is facing.
TARA ROBERTSON, Inclusive Leadership Coach & Consultant
I am extremely proud to endorse Andrea Reimer as the NDP candidate for Vancouver-Little Mountain. Andrea brings incredible commitment, detailed vision and a proven strong work ethic to undertake the biggest challenges of our time. I know that she will do everything she can to address the climate emergency and advance reconciliation. She also has a strong reputation as a bridge builder and will be able to work effectively in the legislature.
I'm proud to support Andrea Reimer as MLA for Vancouver-Little Mountain. I grew up in this community and I care deeply about it.
This neighbourhood needs an experienced advocate with a strong track record to stand up for the people, the planet, as well as prosperity and reconciliation at the BC Legislature. I am confident that Andrea's diverse background and accomplishments will serve as valuable assets to represent the dynamic ideas and issues for the community of Little Mountain.
The impacts of climate change on people, communities and the land are clear: we need courageous climate action more than ever. Andrea Reimer is a brave leader, who brings people with her, and builds capacity while empowering bold action - with a lengthy track record of getting results and earning respect. She is exactly the kind of leader we need working for us for a clean, green, just future.
In a world where effective champions for people and communities are needed more than ever, Andrea stands out as a beacon of hope. Her tireless work to advance reconciliation and fight for the rights of First Nations and urban Indigenous peoples in Vancouver is commendable. As a leader, l've had the opportunity to collaborate with Andrea, and her insight and passion have been invaluable. I'm confident that Andrea will be a powerful voice for Vancouver-Little Mountain.
I have had the privilege of working with Andrea Reimer as a Senior Social Planner with the City of Vancouver, and as Board Director of the Little Mountain Neighbourhood House (2013-
2020). I have witnessed her genuine and committed support for neighbourhoods, and the community organizations that support them. To have her voice as an MLA, representing our community in the BC Legislature, will be a great asset for our community and the continuing building of vibrant and dynamic neighbourhoods.
Andrea is an exceptionally strategic thinker, a champion of equity, and sustainability leader. I deeply admire her leadership and her commitment to communities and we'd be lucky to have her serving in the Legislature.
Andrea is a passionate voice for sustainability, reconciliation, and social justice. We've seen her effective leadership - during her 10 years on City Council and through her recent studies and teaching on public policy and governance.
Andrea is a strong candidate for Vancouver Little Mountain.
I'm delighted that she is willing to re-enter public service, and l endorse her candidacy wholeheartedly.